Mould for polyester lamination with fibreglass and production of pieces

This material offers a wide range of possibilities with minimal investment in models and moulds.

Decomol has specialised in the production of moulds for polyester resin lamination reinforced with fibreglass and the production of pieces in the same material, both for the field of construction and for industrial and decorative applications.

Lamination is a manual process, in which a superficial gelcoat is used and, once it is catalysed, polyester resin layers and fibreglass are applied and they are rolled layer by layer until the required thickness is achieved. This system allows it to mould to any shape and texture. It also offers an excellent and lightweight mechanic and chemical resistance, therefore, it is essential for certain applications.

To make a mould or piece in particular, we will advise you without obligation. Please, contact us and we will contact you in 24 hours.

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