Moulds for polyurethane injection and injection of polyurethane

Polyurethane is a material that allows a wide range of applications due to its wide variety of formats, hardness testers, elastomers and rigid and flexible foams, varying their free densities from 80kg/m3 a 1200Kg/m3.

Two types of moulds are mainly transformed:

1.- Moulds made in casting epoxy resin with metal countermould.

2.- Moulds directly mechanized in duralumin

Depending on the number of copies to be made, geometry and material desired for the piece, our experts advise the best option for each case.

In Decomol, we have high and low pressure injection machines for the transformation of polyurethane, including in this way the availability to transform any version of polyurethane.

We make pieces from 0.1Kg a 400kg, we specialise in large pieces, mainly in the injection of elastomers.

To make a mould or piece in particular, we will advise you without obligation. Please, contact us and we will contact you in 24 hours.

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