Moulds for restorations

In DECOMOL we have a wide range of technical solutions for restoration projects.

We replicate the damaged elements by obtaining the moulds on-site if necessary and we create a prototype and whose cracks, fractures or flaws are later repaired by our model makers if they happen to appear over the time.

With these prototypes, we prepare the moulds that are going to be used for the mass production of any architectural or ornamental elements made of concrete or artificial stone, or of lighter materials that allow a greater ease of installation, reducing costs, such as polyurethane or polyester reinforced with fiberglass.


Axel Hotel, Barcelona

The expansion of Axel Hotel in Barcelona integration with the adjoining building was a double challenge. The facade of the new building should be identical to the original hotel and the interior design of this new space should follow the architectural lines of the exterior. DECOLAND provided technical solutions to this project:

  • Obtaining moulds of the original facade.
  • Making parts in polyurethane, much lighter and easier to install, with the same design as the original facade
  • Installing them both outside and inside the new space following the design provided by our costumer

Headquarters of Boehringer-Ingelheim in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona)

In this project we perform an exact replica of the decorative elements that covered the facade, degraded by the time, and we make pieces of medium-large format for its replacement.

CPA Salamanca

This jewel of architecture from Salamanca had suffered a great deterioration over the time. In DECOLAND we make exact replicas in concrete of various ornamental architectural elements of the facade for its later placement.

IPB Barcelona

Another good example of using precast polyurethane, light and very tough, which allows making restoration works reducing costs and deadlines.

Restoration of wood elements in Ganduxer street, Barcelona

Rehabilitation of the external structure of a wooden planters on the facade of a building in Ganduxer Street, Barcelona. A prototype was presented to the residents for approval, along with our extensive display of colours and finishes and new pieces were made in polyester reinforced with fiberglass and stainless steel structure. Stronger than wood over time and with much less maintenance.

Other projects

Here you can see some snapshots of other projects we have done. Click on the picture to get its description.

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